Maker Theater: The small Things….

My intention in PC- building is, to create something, that mirrors my idea of technic. By this, I want to show, what my access is to Computing. Even when I less point out striking performance increase, that is to be expected by usage of water-cooling. Only a few times I was able to present top- hardware, due to the fast release- flow of the industry.

As crazy it may sound, in my PC´s I see some kind of a sculpture, the same as Auguste Rodin saw the sculpture in the stone, that only has to be freed from the hiding material around it. No, I do not tell myself an artist, but I love it to the fullest, what I am doing.

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PC @ 1:87

With starting on the “Maker Theater”, an old fascination of mine came to activity, again- the scale modeling. With letting the PC- aspect on the side now, I want to highlight the interesting effect, those miniatures show in this project, and in general, of course. The idea to combine scale models with computers definitely isn´t mine, I came across many diorama builds so far. In my case, the idea of a Home- Theater- PC was just as simple as tempting to me, at the same time- to have a real cinema included.

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“Eismaschine II”: really frosty

Here, I joyfully present you the most impressive and meaningful build of mine, ever- and I didn´t do it alone-  I was teaming with my step-daughter Lia, aged 9, for a workover of her Starter- PC, she was getting in 2014- not yet a project. With new software demands, a new system was needed, and when building the Eismaschine, my concrete project, Lia once said, she´d love to have an Eismaschine for herself- but with real the idea was born.

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“Maker Theater”: an ITX HTPC

With, the recent project “Maker Theater”, which shall be an ITX Home theater- PC, I follow a certain vision- the romantic atmosphere, of visiting a classical movie theater of the 50ies, with the red letters on white billboards, popcorn, rows of folding seats- and somebody, your heart beats for. To realize this, I will use 1:87 scale model kits, that are of a nicely detailedly resolution and of the right size for that purpose, at all.

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“Eismaschine” – a concrete vision

In spring 2016, I was looking for a concept, to try something new in PC building- with research, it has shown that almost every material and style already was part of the now- only concrete I haven´t found. With having some experience because of my job, I knew, what in general was to be done. So first of all, I wanted to have a build in the end, that offers a highly comfortable accessibility in the first, I wanted a combination of wood, and I wanted to have a nice view on all parts.

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“Battlecase”: an independent cooling loop “outside the box”

Here is the gallery for my second build:

Within two months and roughly 200 hours, from a Corsair Vengeance C70 Case, I built this cooling solution: The sled on top is all self-made, with exception of the two carrying parts below the radiator, which have been water-cut. My idea for this rig is to show, how not-fitting-to-the-case parts

can be used anyway, with going along with the given theme of the case itself.

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“Time Folder”- the Internet beginnings

The first build of mine, that ever has been showed on the Internet, was if one wants to say so, more than ambitious. I tried out at least anything in this case, what appeared useful to me, these days. Even with the Phanteks Enthoo Primo case offering mounting options and space by the bucketload, I already was believing, that radiators best suffer from direct room-air, without blowing the warmed into the case. Even more important I told to be making the controlling units more accessible and visible at all.

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