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After enjoying the success of 2nd place in CMWS 2018, the new project now feels very comfortable. For the first time I am sponsored by Corsair, and the product already at hand is the beautiful Crystal 570x case.

Who already knows my recent approach to modding, rightously will expect some scale-model details, and yes, this is what I will add here, again. This time the details will be scaled 1:220, which is Z-gauge scale.

The theme “industrial” will be shown literally, it is about to feature industrial buildings and a railroad track, lets see, how I can balance this out with the PC-hardware.


The planned specs are rather down to earth, I won´t go crazy with “hottest Hardware atm”, but my choice is reasonable for a server and storage PC, what is the planned usage for it in the end.

Set specs so far:

CPU: I7 6700K
GPU: Sapphire R9 290X 8GB
Mainboard: Asus Deluxe Z170

The rest is mainly still to be decided by Corsair, who are processing my request atm.
The case already arrived, and was standing in line, while my entry for this years Cooler Master CMWS, “The Cosmopolitan” was in process. After taking a short break, mainly to attend fairs, now it has fullest attention. Time to strip it down and turn it, which is the first step of the Case-modding: front becomes bottom, nothing over the top, but this will bring a nice tension to hardware presentation inside the project.

What are the planned work-steps:
+Complete color change from black to metal tone, by air-brush and leaf-silver application
+Implementing the scale models
+installation of the scaled rail-track (function is planned)
+new design of the new top (former rear side)
+installation of premium liquid-cooling-loop with Alphacool International parts, always nice to use parts of the company working for.

Liquid-cooling specs:

Pump: DDC 3,25, 18W with Alphacool (NEW and yet unreleased) Eisdecke pump-top, clear
Res: Alphacool Cape Corp metal/chrome 250mm with UV cathode insert
CPU-block: Alphacool XPX clear with Aurora XPX RGB-ring/ chrome
GPU-block: GPX-a 290 M08, silver finish
rad: Alphacool NexXxos 360×45 silver-nickel
tubing: 13/10 brass tubes with brass-tube special Alphacool Eiszapfen series fittings in chrome (surprise!)
liquid: Alphacool Eiswasser crystal clear/ UV
RGB strips: Alphacool Aurora 60cm


So the first surface change will be a comlete silver leaf application to the case body:


I will keep this project log updated of course! Hope you are interested in seeing more, best greets and mod on!!


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