• Jo 

After enjoying the success of 2nd place in CMWS 2018, the new project now feels very comfortable. For the first time I am sponsored by Corsair, and the product already at hand is the beautiful Crystal 570x case.

Who already knows my recent approach to modding, rightously will expect some scale-model details, and yes, this is what I will add here, again. This time the details will be scaled 1:220, which is Z-gauge scale.

The theme “industrial” will be shown literally, it is about to feature industrial buildings and a railroad track, lets see, how I can balance this out with the PC-hardware.

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“Maker Theater”: an ITX HTPC

  • Jo 

With, the recent project “Maker Theater”, which shall be an ITX Home theater- PC, I follow a certain vision- the romantic atmosphere, of visiting a classical movie theater of the 50ies, with the red letters on white billboards, popcorn, rows of folding seats- and somebody, your heart beats for. To realize this, I will use 1:87 scale model kits, that are of a nicely detailedly resolution and of the right size for that purpose, at all.Read More“Maker Theater”: an ITX HTPC »