“Battlecase”: an independent cooling loop “outside the box”

  • karel 

Here is the gallery for my second build:

Within two months and roughly 200 hours, from a Corsair Vengeance C70 Case, I built this cooling solution: The sled on top is all self-made, with exception of the two carrying parts below the radiator, which have been water-cut. My idea for this rig is to show, how not-fitting-to-the-case parts

can be used anyway, with going along with the given theme of the case itself.

The cooling sled is fixed with four thumbscrews, and, because of the slave-PSU, an independent loop itself. On cooling hardware, I mainly used Alphacool and Phobya products, and here, a new dimension of my work was opened by Aquatuning: Andreas Walter and Eddy Peters decided to sponsor the D5 pump plus Eisdecke top by Alphacool and the main part of hard tube-fittings. With this in the back, I was able to put it to the fullest- I thank them from the heart.

Another huge thank you goes to David Lorentzen, the provider of the ADD2PSU-adapter, who was helping me out with wiring details, to connect master and slave PSU, and who is always supporting my work, too.

Any specific questions, I, of course, will answer, when you are leaving a comment to the guest book.

The pictures also show steps of development, authentically.


Project „cooling sled 002.12.15“




Case                                   Corsair Vengeance C70

CPU                                   Intel I5 6600K

Mainboard                       Biostar HI-FI H170Z3

Ram                                   Hyper-x 8Gb DDR4 2133Mhz

GPU                                   Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC UEFI 4GB

SSD                                    Samsung EVO 850 250 GB

Sys                                     Win 10

Aircooling Controller     Bitfenix Recon

Loop Controller               Alphacool Heatmaster II/ watercooled

Psu                                     Silverstone Strider Plus 600 W

Slave/loop:                       300 W via ADD2PSU

Radiators                          Alphacool Monsta 480

Alphacool UT60 120

Coolers                              CPU- Alphacool XP³ Light Acetal Nickel

GPU-Alphacool GPX-A 290 M01

Ram- MIPS Ram Cooler

Pump                                 Alphacool D5 on Alphacool Eisdecke top

Reservoirs                         2x Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Pro 50 LT

Fittings                              Alphacool Chrome on all hardtubing

Aquatuning silver nickel on rubber tubing

Hardtubes                         Alphacool 16/12

Fans                                    9x Phobya G-Silent 12

3x Phobya G-Silent14

LED                                    Phobya LED Controller/Pilot , 1x 120cm,

2x 30 cm Strips RGB

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