PC @ 1:87

  • Jo 

With starting on the “Maker Theater”, an old fascination of mine came to activity, again- the scale modeling. With letting the PC- aspect on the side now, I want to highlight the interesting effect, those miniatures show in this project, and in general, of course. The idea to combine scale models with computers definitely isn´t mine, I came across many diorama builds so far. In my case, the idea of a Home- Theater- PC was just as simple as tempting to me, at the same time- to have a real cinema included. The market for 1:87- scaled models is huge and the variety to pick from, enormous.

My entry to scale- modeling was some 33 years ago, when I asked my father to buy me a Huey- Chopper model, which became my first attempt- and melted away literally, in my doubt, of using enough cement. From then, I went on with plane and carrier models, or joined my father in houses for the scaled railroad diorama, he always wanted to build for me. Today I know, he would love Maker Theater, and would be remembering our weekends and evenings together, when we sat at our dinner- table, and glued tiny plastic parts- I know, this have been our best times together, and when doing it alone, today, it does not mean, I am doing it without him.

To speak about the scratch build at all, I know, there will be always those, who do not like to see a PC that is just part of a theme- here, speaking for myself, it is a whole infrastructure, not only a PC in a diorama, and I diligently work on, it just grows together. May the pictures show you the fascination from my eyes and assure you- I mean it serious- it is no play.

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