“Time Folder”- the Internet beginnings

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The first build of mine, that ever has been showed on the Internet, was if one wants to say so, more than ambitious. I tried out at least anything in this case, what appeared useful to me, these days. Even with the Phanteks Enthoo Primo case offering mounting options and space by the bucketload, I already was believing, that radiators best suffer from direct room-air, without blowing the warmed into the case. Even more important I told to be making the controlling units more accessible and visible at all.

The Aluminium- sled rigs were the beginning of up-to come laters mounting ideas and proved themselves being practical. The external access to the reservoirs, at last, is awesome, not only, when it comes to filling or draining, but for the sheer looks at all. The name “Time Folder” resulted from a comment on the Aquatuning Facebook-post- This comment was the beginning of one of the most important Facebook- friendships I have today, like some others, that started with this post.

Still today, it is stunning to me, that this post was an offer from the Alphacool International contact, I only had because I sent my GPU in, for being scanned as measuring model for the liquid cooler, and who for me is one of the most appreciated contacts- Gomez: he transferred the pictures I only sent to him to look at, and this made my first Facebook post ever- “This is not a mod”, the german Aquatuning page titled, when sharing as well: Aquatuning Facebook- post

I´ll never forget, how it all began on December, the 8th, 2015: Thank you!



CPU: Intel I7 4820K under Alphacool Nexxxos XP3 brass black chrome
Mainboard: ASUS Deluxe X79 with 2 DIY Alphacool Heatsink coolers
Ram: 2x8GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400Mhz in Nexxxos RXP1 coolers
GPU1: SAPPhIRE R9 290 X 8Gb in Alphacool GPX-A M08
(send it and get one cooler for free- thanks, Alphacool!)
GPU2: SAPPhIRE R9 290 in Alphacool GPX-A 290 M04, with 3x Sli-Bridge Plexi
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb
PSU1: PC: Corsair RM 1000
PSU2/ Cooling: SilverStone Strider Plus 600W via Add2psu( Thanks to D.Lorentzen)


Pump: Alphacool VPP 655 PWM @ Cape Corp Fusion AGB
Radiators: Alphacool 360 Monsta
WatercoolMO-RA 4×180


Pump: Alphacool VPP 655 @ aquacomputer aqualis AGB
Radiators: Alphacool 280 x 45
Alphacool 120 Monsta
Alphacool 80 x 45


Fans total: 24
Filters: 2
Ball-valves: 3
Flowmeter: 2
Hose min. 6m 16/13 and 13/10
Controllers: aquacomputer aquaero 6
aquacomputer aquaero 5
2x aquacomputer poweradjust
1x aquacomputer farbwerk
Fittings total: 75
Sleeving: 20m+

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