“Eismaschine II”: really frosty

  • Jo 

Here, I joyfully present you the most impressive and meaningful build of mine, ever- and I didn´t do it alone-  I was teaming with my step-daughter Lia, aged 9, for a workover of her Starter- PC, she was getting in 2014- not yet a project. With new software demands, a new system was needed, and when building the Eismaschine, my concrete project, Lia once said, she´d love to have an Eismaschine for herself- but with real ice..so the idea was born.

With the winter in our upper-Austrian village being the best motivation, we started to pick certain products, that would go along with- from scale- building, we found artificial snow in rattle cans and a whole lot of Playmobil- sets, that could be modded to our demands- to look real frosty. With being all-time interested in my work on mods, now I handed it over to Lia, and she tried out, what she was liking to do. On top, she made pictures with the “Lia-cam”, some of them are to be found down in the gallery.

So, with this is intended to be a story mod, as well, let me introduce you to the story, Lia and I built here:

“In Antarctica, a famous treasure is known to be somewhere under the ice… A young, fearless adventuress just is on her quest for it, with her husky sled. At the same time, the old, but even more greedy pirate, and his gang of ice bears and the even more mean snake- in thermo-wear, for not freezing to grounds( we discussed that)- cross her way, to claim the treasure for themselves…..”

The Alphacool- technician, on the GPU meanwhile just makes sure, performance keeps being excellent.

With the open design, as you can see, the rig now will tell this story on Lias desk, while she is gaming or editing her photos. We had so much fun, building it, and I thank her, for being such a good partner in work.

Our common thanks go to Alphacool and Aquatuning, who supported our project massively- not less than any water cooling part, that is built in was provided by them – we thank you from the heart!

We as well want to thank Richard and Joe of Mod My Mods, from Rochester, NY, USA, who just organized the sold-out-here Ram for us: Awesome, guys!



AMD FX 8370E
ASUS M5 A 97 R2.0
Corsair Graphite Series 230T

Alphacool Eisbaer 240

Alphacool GPX 290 m01

Alphacool DC- LT incl. Top


Enjoy this video made by the fantastic Gadget Joe:


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