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My intention in PC- building is, to create something, that mirrors my idea of technic. By this, I want to show, what my access is to Computing. Even when I less point out striking performance increase, that is to be expected by usage of water-cooling. Only a few times I was able to present top- hardware, due to the fast release- flow of the industry.

As crazy it may sound, in my PC´s I see some kind of a sculpture, the same as Auguste Rodin saw the sculpture in the stone, that only has to be freed from the hiding material around it. No, I do not tell myself an artist, but I love it to the fullest, what I am doing.

This leads to the participation at this year’s Cooler Master Case Mod World Series: All began with seeing two mods of the Masterliquid Maker 92, when I fell in love with the concept and design of this AIO. I asked Cooler Master Germany, if I could have such a cooler for a mod, and was not aware, that I would be waiting- nail-biting- for the Jury´s decisions, today.

Crazy sounding again, with having it in my hands, the process of making contact lead me to the idea, what should become out of it. I knew I desired a Home Theater PC, a rig for streaming, music, and pictures, to watch a BluRay in the living- room.

I remembered, how much I loved to assemble model kits in my youth, and also the good times I shared with my father, who lived until 1999.

So I searched for usable kits and decided a classical theater build to house a part of the hardware to be the way to go.

The brand Walters Cornerstone from the USA provided just the perfect kit for my purpose, but with also holding this in my hands, I learned, it would hide away too much the AIO, which was planned to sit inside and break through the roof. To keep it visible but protected, I added the skyscraper building site kit, and knew, this was it. With realizing, being able to display a complete building site now, I was sure, this would be a good project. At the same time, I was asking around for hardware support for it, and with Alphacool International, Aquatuning, AMD, Western Digital and Mayhems Solutions LTD. in addition to Cooler Master were willing to support me, I signed in, to the CM Case Mod World Series 2017- my first contest ever- a big deal for me- in scale 1:87.

In building, I again created solutions, that were attractive to me: To have an HDD cooling solution from a PSU cooling plate, to change the AIO tubing and apply leaf-silver highlights, to mount the hardware mainly hanging and the reverse truncated pyramid I could weld. On top, to close this one by fluorescent blue acryl- which should become the greatest competition, how I should see then.

After having all of the Hardware, defining its mounting, having the case built and closed, the most intense part of the project started: The diorama design, this frozen moment, the possibility, to create a picture, by tiny buildings, cars, material and….humans.

In the build, I realized, that I no longer was modding a PC from scratch, but was diligently creating a picture, a scenery, and decided to make a statement: hopefully silent and honorable enough. Who is looking very close, and allows himself to let it become an impression- can read it.

This is not a top of the tops- performing PC- technically we have a BluRay on the left side of the theater, that is sat above the PSU, and it has mainly all cable connections inside, as well as the PC switches. The ASROCK ITX board gives a seat to an A10 7890K AMD APU, and the 16GB 2400DDR3 Ram, as well as the 2x1TB WD BLACK, are water cooled, their 3×60 rad is fed with air by the AIO fan, whose airflow is led down by the theater wall. The rad transports it up inside the theater, where the PSU, at last, pushes it out.

No- extremely optimized temperatures are not possible, but my approach to perfection here is a stable running system- not for high settings gaming, but for comfortable entertainment for my family, friends, and me. Under full load, the CPU is at 48° C and the HDD at 37°C- I say, that is fairly good enough and reasonable.

The AIO is protected good enough by the skyscraper- skeleton, and all details have been arranged in the upper areas, to not block the view to it. As my sister hinted me, the workers would have problems, to get up there, I added a lift- and dedicate this to her. All scaffolding and cast-preparational details, I tried to design as realistic, as possible, in means of my idea of technical eloquence.

The choice of displayed works often lets me find myself in, maybe the welder, the guy at the saw or the lady in the ticket kiosk- because I once really worked in a cineplex. This makes “Maker Theater” a very personal build. Even the concrete truck is a salute to Joe Campbell, who used one in the video he made on my last year´s project “Eismschine”. The Cinema waiter, who is offering his tablet to the Muslima is a greet to Karel Otten, who was at my side, during the conception, and whose work to me is irreplaceable and worthy at the same time.

Now we are in the center of the picture, I wanted to draw- what do you see, and what do you really see? The workers- I place them to stand for all those who create everything, I consume- for example those, who made the hard- and software for this PC or marketed it. As well for the builders, who build this house, the road that leads to it- all is self-understanding to me- but I know nobody of them so with this Build I want to thank all the Makers- which gives the working title here its second meaning next to the Cooler Master product series.

But finally, I want to highlight the theaters visitors: If you look closely, you´ll find them of all continents origins, coming together for the premiere, “mixed” families- but no distance- And also the Muslima, the orthodox Israeli or the man in the wheelchair, are not there, to appear any uncommon- in our world with only one class: Human.

What on earth has this to do with a PC? Well- what not? I found the contact to people around the world by internet running on the rigs I build, but together, we need to accept news, that still innocent are mistaken with guilty and are despised- and I hope, this silent tone in my build is my right. The Internet is fair- it allows mainly everybody to find mainly everything mainly everywhere- why not saying: I want to stand for the good?

A very famous modder once told me, politics in modding is tricky- how could it be not- it always is- but if I don´t say it today- maybe I never have the chance again.

Life is now- mod on.


Bernd Joachim Puwalski


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